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MATTERNA Organic Nipplecream for Breastfeeding Mothers (2-oz), Naturally Soothing Nursing Butter Nipple Balm, Lanolin-Free


SOOTHES AND MOISTURIZES. Helps condition and hydrate sore, chapped nipples by nourishing and nurturing your skin’s tissue. Not only does this nipple cream soothe your pain, but it will also leave your skin smooth and hydrated for hours.

PROMOTES HEALING BETWEEN FEEDING TIMES. This salve provides quick relief and helps your nipples feel better so it’s perfect for nursing mothers who needs a little TLC during breastfeeding.

SAFE FOR MOM AND BABY. Made with natural plant-based ingredients so you can feed at will without having to wipe yourself down. It does not contain any paraben, gluten, or lanolin so you can ensure that you will be using only the best ingredients.

ALL PURPOSE BALM. Formulated to help cracked nipples but also helps in repairing your dry lips, hands and even feet! It also protects skin against heavy metals and free radicals so your skin feels divine from head-to-toe.