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AZMUSIC Premium Classic Guitar Strap, Black


STYLISH AND COMFORTABLE. Enjoy effortless playing with this classic strap. It's ergonomically constructed to support equal distribution of load for optimal comfort around your neck and shoulders.

HEAVY-DUTY PERFORMANCE. Made from top class polypropylene webbing that can hold years of heavy playing. Its high tensile strength perfectly secures your six-strings keeping it close to you so you can play conveniently and easily.

SOFT AND MOISTURE-RESISTANT. Easily moves along fabrics and skin allowing you full control of your performance while the lightweight material repels sweat keeping you in the zone with your music anytime and anywhere.

ADJUSTABLE STRAP. This classic strap complements most acoustic and bass guitars. It can easily be adjusted to your liking for the most comfortable fit and can be secured with a variety of strap locks or buttons.



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